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  Cangzhou Jinlong Plastic Machinery Factory

Contacts:Manager Zhang




Address:Beitao apricot, Xingji Town, Cangxian County, Hebei Province


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On the cup making machine developed from sheet equ 327 2019Year12Month31Day15Hour54Minute
What should be paid attention to when using plasti 329 2019Year12Month31Day15Hour52Minute
which has the advantages of wear resistance and co 333 2019Year12Month31Day15Hour51Minute
The design of plastic cup making machine comes fro 338 2019Year12Month31Day15Hour50Minute
A simple way to deal with the malfunction of the c 329 2019Year12Month31Day15Hour49Minute
Use of cup stacker 331 2019Year12Month31Day15Hour47Minute
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Contacts:Manager Zhang    Telephone:+86-15613733677   Mobile:+86-17803079880   Address:Beitao apricot, Xingji Town, Cangxian County, Hebei Province