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The design of plastic cup making machine comes fro
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The design of plastic cup making machine comes from life
The paper cup machine, bottom, filling, tail sealing, heating, double bottom, knurling, curling, cup of the cup making system produce paper cup in discontinuous process. The box machine is a part of the main plan to complete the cup forming self and its transmission and refinement, which is mainly to spread the preheating, heat, double bottom, knurling machine, system cup edge and back glass technology of the cup. This part of the cup machine mainly includes four-bar mechanism, cam mechanism, intermittent motion mechanism, etc. This plan will come into being in order to make a cup of machine parts sing in the manufacturing process, complete and implement each other’s decision-making mechanism, the predestination of the system cup machine, plan the self driving system and the cup machine at this root end. The fine machine combining the line rate transmission planning of the cup machine is mainly used for belt drive, chain drive, cam, cam drive preference index, sheet machine surface intermittent motion mechanism and spindle opening Send detailed plans together


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