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A simple way to deal with the malfunction of the c
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A simple way to deal with the malfunction of the cup making machine
What should we do once there are some sudden failures in the cup making machine? In fact, some minor faults of the cup making machine don’t need too much professional knowledge, but how many people need to know a little skill, which can help you solve small problems quickly. Next let Xiaobian introduce you a little.
To deal with the problem of the cup making machine, we need to know the structure of some cam joint transmission mechanism, and also need to know the knowledge of the dividing box. Although these nouns sound very profound, but these tips are very simple to use. Good lubrication and imprisonment of all parts are necessary for the normal operation of the machine, as well as the influence of the temperature control of each heater on the cup after forming (bonding) the temperature is too high or too low, which will cause the explosion or cup bottom leakage. For ultrasonic welding machine, the frequency of ultrasonic must be adjusted, the pressure can not be too large, and please try to keep the pressure balance.
In a word, for the parts of the cup making machine, we need to ensure the stability of the rotating tables of the parts, so when the machine breaks down, we need to check these places first.


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