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which has the advantages of wear resistance and co
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Functional characteristics of monochromatic sheet machine

1. 38 crmoala alloy steel is used as the main parts of screw, barrel and die head, which has the advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. Large ratio of length to diameter, long screw and good plasticization ensure the main properties of the sheet.

3. The filter screen of the die head is replaced by a hydraulic double position device, which does not need to stop the machine to realize the replacement of the screen, so the operation is convenient and the production efficiency is improved. The die head adopts internal heating mode, with fast heating effect and high temperature stability. The plastic sheet unit is designed and manufactured by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. This machine is suitable for the production of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS) and other plastic sheets

For beverage cup, ice cream cup, jelly cup, packing box and other packaging containers.


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Contacts:Manager Zhang    Telephone:+86-15613733677   Mobile:+86-17803079880   Address:Beitao apricot, Xingji Town, Cangxian County, Hebei Province