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Product name:Jl-720 high speed cup making machine
Product introduction:

Jl-720 high speed cup making machine

Application scope of multifunctional high-speed pneumatic thermoforming machine:Jl-720 multi-function automatic high-speed plastic air pressure (hydraulic) thermoforming machine is an integrated design of machine, electricity and gas, controlled by microcomputer and PLC, operated by human-machine interface, chain drive feeding, infrared heating tile heating, hydraulic swing arm stroke up and down die forming, die cutting, namely preheating feeding heating stretching forming trimming retracting It is a fully automatic and efficient plastic product forming equipment. The equipment can produce PP \ PE \ PS \ ABS and other plastic products. It is widely used in the production of disposable dining utensils such as plastic cups, various cup covers, ice cream cups, milk cups, jelly cups, instant noodles bowls, plastic bowls, toy boxes, etc. At the same time, it can also produce plastic packaging products in medicine, light industry, textile, tourism and other industries.


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Contacts:Manager Zhang    Telephone:+86-15613733677   Mobile:+86-17803079880   Address:Beitao apricot, Xingji Town, Cangxian County, Hebei Province